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Tuna Burger Recipe Using Canned Tuna

People in the bodybuilding world simply love tuna. Tuna is a great fish which is packed with a hefty amount of protein. While eating fresh or frozen tuna is a good idea as you can have a tuna steak, weightlifting and weight training fanatics find it more convenient and handy to use tuna straight from the can. Let's face it, with so many meals to eat everyday, eating should become easy and quick and canned tuna really helps a lot on this aspect as you can simply open a can and eat straight away. But doing this time and time again can become quite boring, just like eating bland chicken breast which is a favorite food for bodybuilders. So you'll need to get a bit more creative with your canned tuna. Apart using tuna in omelette, making a tuna salad or tuna pasta, here is a great recipe using canned tuna which is a tuna burger. It's pretty amazing how you can use such a cheap item and turn it into something which costs much more visually.

First of all, when using canned tuna, get the one in brine or spring water instead of oil. It will be easier for this recipe but also since you'll be draining the water from the can, you'll retain most of the omega-3s as tuna in oil tends to lose more of its omega-3s after being drained as compared to tuna in water.

Here are the ingredients and step-by-step instructions for your tuna burger recipe using canned tuna. For this recipe, you can use either tuna flakes, tuna chunks or tuna solid. This depends on personal taste. If you want more bite from your tuna, you will use chunks or better yet solid. Tuna flakes will become too much of a paste during the burger mix. What you'll need:

(1) 2 cans of drained tuna
(2) 1 egg
(3) Wholegrain oats or 5 saltine crackers finely crushed
(4) One medium onion finely chopped
(5) Dash of garlic powder
(6) Fresh red chilies finely chopped
(7) 2 tsp Low-fat mayonnaise
(8) 1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
(9) 1 tsp Mustard
(10) Cilantro or scallion finely chopped

This recipe uses many ingredients and it's pretty savory but you can definitely vary it and omit some of them to make it simpler or according to your preference and taste. If you don't like chilies, you can substitute them for red bell peppers for instance. Heck, you can just use the first 3 ingredients only which is the core of the tuna burger. The remaining ingredients are for taste and texture.

Step 1: Crack the egg and place it in a bowl. Whisk it. The egg will act as a binding agent.

Step 2: Add the drained tuna and mix.

Step 3: Lightly sauteed the chopped onions and chilies to soften them up and release their aroma, then add to the above mixture.

Step 4: Add a dash of garlic powder.

Step 5: Add the mayonnaise, mustard, worcestershire sauce and cilantro/scallion. Mix everything up.

Step 6: The mixture will be watery and now you need to add some wholegrain oats or finely crushed saltine crackers to thicken it up. You can use a food processor or a mortar and pestle to crush the crackers into crumbs. Wholegrain oats is more recommended for bodybuilders as it's a great complex carb, so not only will you get a high-protein burger, you'll also get your fair amount of complex carbs which is really a great muscle-building combo. Add the oats till you get your mixture to desired consistency which is not too watery or too hard.

Step 7: After everything is mixed up well, it's time to form the tuna burger patties. Take a fist-sized portion and roll into a ball, then press it down to about half an inch thick. After all your patties are done and placed onto a plate, put them in the fridge for at least 30 minutes. This process will firm up the patties and prevent them from breaking up during cooking.

Step 8: After 30 minutes, remove patties from fridge. Heat your skillet(non-stick pans or cast iron pans are great) using medium heat. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil. When pan is hot enough, add the tuna burger patties and reduce heat to medium-low. Let it cook for 3-4 minutes on each side or until golden brown.

Step 9: Serve tuna burger patties in wholewheat sandwiches or buns accompanied with lettuce leaves, slice of tomatoes and your favorite condiments. Enjoy.

As this recipe might be labor-intensive for some, it's great to use it from time to time only to break up the monotony of your eating routine. At least you know you have alternatives from eating canned tuna. For more muscle-building recipes and ideas, be sure to visit Anabolic Cooking which is the ultimate cookbook and complete nutrition guide for bodybuilding and fitness. You'll get highly creative with your cooking by harnessing the tips and tricks found in this powerful guide.

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