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If you're looking for diets for quick weight loss, you've come to the right place. This website is about muscle building but also has nutrition tips which is a crucial aspect of building muscles. The good news is that muscle building nutrition is closely related to weight loss nutrition. Let me explain. The foods you eat for muscle building is healthy and will help you lose fat. By losing fat, you also lose weight. Fats are extra calories in your body which is why you have this additional weight. So by following a muscle building diet more or less, you can achieve quick weight loss within some time and patience of course. In a few weeks, you'll notice a difference.

Many people who are looking for diets for quick weight loss will usually start their program, then with time will start to neglect because they fall in the temptation of having cravings again. Then they will indulge way too much into it and start getting that bad habit of junk foods or unhealthy foods. Weight loss isn't easy if you don't have the right mindset. The thing is you need to be consistent and patient. Don't take that lifestyle as a chore but rather as a healthy way of living as well. You can reward yourself with some cravings from time to time but the key thing to remember here is moderation.

Here is a sample diet for quick weight loss. It's also applied to muscle building but you'll reap all the benefits of quick weight loss.


1-2 boiled eggs
Rolled oats with skim milk and some honey or any high fiber cereal
1 orange
Glass of water


1 skinless chicken/turkey breast
1 cup of broccoli
1 cup of rice
Glass of water

Afternoon snack

1 apple
Some almonds
Glass of water


Large garden salad with lettuce, tomatoes in 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil
1 fish fillet
1 small baked potato
Glass of water

In this quick weight loss diet, you get your protein, carbohydrates, vegetables, healthy fats, vitamins, calcium and water. It's a balanced diet rich in vital nutrients. The way you cook your food is very important as well. Opt for baking, grilling and boiling rather than deep frying in oil. But it doesn't hurt to do a small pan fry or stir fry in a bit of oil. Using too much oil won't help your weight loss goals. Did you know the food you choose can make you lose weight faster? This has proven to be true. For instance, oats, cereals, potatoes, vegetables are great foods to help shed off pounds. Yes potato too, why potato got a bad rap is because usually people will eat lots of french fries and attribute that to weight gain. But the culprit isn't the potato itself, but rather the amount of oil used to deep fry the potatoes. Greasy french fries will not do any good to your waist line. If you bake or boil your potato, suddenly it becomes a weight loss food rather. Water is good for health by flushing out toxins in your body but it also aids in weight loss. Avoid drinking soda as they are loaded with sugars and too much sugar will make you gain fat.

Here is a list of more weight loss foods that you can replace in the above quick weight loss diet:

Sweet potatoes
100% whole wheat bread
100% whole wheat pasta
Lean beef

and there are many more...

To get a list of 250 fat torching recipes for quick weight loss, I highly recommend Metabolic Cooking - Triple The Taste While Torching The Fat! by Karine Losier and Dave Ruel. You'll also discover everything about fat burning foods, the 10 cooking and nutrition rules and how to create your own individualized fat loss meal plan plus much much more...This is truly an amazing resource to lose weight fast just by following a few simple rules in the kitchen.

These foods are beneficial for muscle building as well as weight loss. Sticking to 4 smaller meals per day is very effective in boosting your metabolism. Having a higher metabolism will also make your body more proned to burning fat even while doing nothing. And the thing is eating too much in a single sitting will rather accumulate fats as your body can only assimilate a certain number of calories per sitting which means the rest will be stored as fat. That's why the 3 big meals a day plus binge eating isn't very beneficial for losing weight. You can as well eat 5-7 small meals per day without gaining any weight, the secret is in the type of food and the number of calories intake per sitting and the time intervals. Some people starve themselves to lose weight but the truth is that's just unnecessary. They can eat normally even more than the 3 usual meals without hazarding their health with starvation and still lose weight.

While adhering to a healthy weight loss diet is helpful, it isn't everything. You also need to exercise and burn calories. Good exercises involve body weight exercises and cardio training. Some muscle building with weights will definitely help too.

Diets for quick weight loss play a crucial part in having a slimmer and healthier body. Treat it as a lifestyle rather than a chore and you will greatly benefit from that.

This article is not an exhaustive resouce for quick weight loss, for further indepth information on diets for quick weight loss and other effective methods to burn fat and lose weight, I strongly recommend you check out Fat Loss 4 Idiots. Discover how you can lose 9Lbs every 11 days with real and honest tips and tricks. This is definitely a no brainer. If you're having trouble getting rid of that extra weight and fat, I can assure you it's well worth it.

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