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How To Get A Ripped 6 Pack Abs - Exercises Ways
By Jean Lam

Let's face it. An athletic body is not complete without a ripped 6 pack abs. You can have a big chest and bulging biceps but if you don't have that 6 pack of abs to go along with your development, something is clearly missing. I still remember when I read bodybuilding and fitness magazines and saw athletes with ripped 6 pack abs. Those abs were impressive and sexy and I had no idea how they managed to sculpt such amazing stomach muscles. I said to myself that these people must have undergone huge amount of training doing endless sets and repeats of strenuous exercises for 6 pack abs. I discovered later on that stomach exercise is only a small factor for your 6 pack abs goal and is not really the most fundamental part. Focusing too much on abs training or trying to find ways to get 6 pack abs by perfecting your exercises was a complete waste of time.

If you want to learn how to get a ripped 6 pack abs the proper way, stop doing trial and error because the more time went by, the more time you are losing and you could have already achieved your objective. The ultimate truth in getting those coveted ripped 6 pack abs lies mostly in what you eat and how many calories you burn in your body. Abs training strengthen and tone your muscles but they are not the reason why you see clearly defined abs on some people stomach. Many people got it all wrong. This article won't go in too much detail what you should do exactly because there is too much to say on this subject.

One thing I can tell you is you need to have a proper nutrition plan and burn more calories than you consume. Your diet can make the difference between success and failure. It's not weird if you are finding yourself training hard ie strength training, burning calories through cardio activities like running and toning your abs but yet, you are still having problems to get those ripped 6 pack abs. In this situation, the problem lies in your diet.

To give you an idea, let's say you are burning 2,000 calories per day and your food intake is 2,000 calories per day, you won't make any progress. Now if you were to burn 2,500 calories per day and consume 2,000 daily calories, you are going to get rid of those excess fat and calories in your body and this is the key to start getting those ripped 6 pack abs. The excess fat covering your stomach and body are excess calories. The more excess calories and fat you can get off your body, you will start making progress provided you keep your daily food calories below what you spend in exercising.

Another scenario is instead of burning 2,500 calories per day, you burn 2,000 calories but now, you reduce your food intake to 1,500 calories. The end result is you train less but also reduce your calorie count. Of course, there is a limit to this because if not you will starve yourself if you cut down on your food calories intake too much. As you can see, if you focus more on controlling your calories through proper nutrition, you don't need to burn off excess calories as hard as you think you should. It's preferable to consume 1,500 calories from healthy quality foods which provide vital nutrients to your body rather than 2,000-3,000 calories from bad foods and afterwards, you need to train harder to burn those extra calories off. Knowing what to eat, how much to eat and when to eat are important factors in your nutrition plan.

One mistake people make is they think consuming lots of calories in a single meal will keep them full for hours. While this can be true, it's really an improper way of eating. You are usually getting loads of calories from junk foods or foods which are not too nutritional. This is one of the reasons for becoming fat and never achieving those 6 pack abs. In fact, you don't necessarily need to take many calories to keep yourself full. There are foods which are low in calories but will keep you full for several hours too. These are quality foods. On another note, knowing how to train the right way is important as well.

If you want to devise a proper nutrition plan, a proper ab training and an effective cardio workout and finally achieve those ripped 6 pack abs that you are dreaming for so long, I highly recommend you take a look at Mike Geary's guide "The Truth About Six Pack Abs".

This guide really delivers. Packed full with valuable information, detailed instructions, insider strategies, techniques and well illustrated, you don't need to waste your time through trial and error anymore when you can get your hands on this information right now. Mike is a certified trainer so he really knows what he is talking about. On his website, Mike talks about 5 important facts you need to know about getting ripped 6 pack abs. Facts 1, 2 and 3 really made me curious and I had to discover the truth without thinking twice. I absolutely love what I read and after applying his methods, I did notice some great improvements in my belly area and those 6 pack abs have started to appear after only a few short weeks. My body fat percentage has also dropped. To discover these 3 facts, click here now. You'll be glad you did.

Get rid of the idea that there is a shortcut to getting 6 pack abs. There is no magical product or solution which can do that without carrying some health risks. When something is too good to be true, it really is. If you want to get those abs the most natural and healthiest ways, I wholeheartedly recommend Mike's advice and teachings.

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Jean Lam is the webmaster of Body Building Resource which provides articles on weight training, nutrition and fitness, body building book and DVDs.

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