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100 Push Ups: The Benchmark of Extraordinary Strength & Endurance

Is there something different about the number 100? I think so. The number 100 seems more complete than say 89 or 94, don’t you think?

Well, one of the times the number 100 takes on an aura of the mythical and magical is when talking about push ups. The ability to do 100 push ups sets you apart from the crowd. People just look at you different when they find out you can do 100 push ups straight.

Most people struggle to perform even 1 push with proper form. So, the road from 1 to 100 seems long indeed. But if you share in the goal of performing 100 push ups with perfect form, it is possible.

The First Time I Did 100 Push Ups

The first time I did 100 push ups, straight, I couldn't have been more than 10 years old. At the time, I already had been wrestling for years, and considered myself to be strong for my age. It was off-season, and to stay busy, my parents signed me up for Karate Class.

One day, two of the Black Belt instructors were testing themselves, seeing who could do more push ups. I was in awe of these guys, and their abilities, so naturally I was watching intently.

I think one guy did about 50 and the other about 60 (well shy of the 100 push ups of legend), but still impressive.

Since they saw me standing there gawking, they invited me to join in the contest. I had never tested my push ups ability before, even though I regularly performed push ups and other bodyweight exercises.

So I dropped into the push up position and began. When I hit about 75 I glanced up at their stunned faces. When I hit 100 push ups they stopped me. "They didn't want me to hurt myself."

That was the first time I did 100 push ups straight. And I still remember the look on their faces. Being able to do 100 push ups earned me their respect.

How YOU Can Work Up To 100 Push Ups

Can I still do 100 push ups? Sure, but it takes some work. I’m not a lean, mean, 10 year-old wrestler any more.


Before I tell you how you can work up to 100 push ups, I want to clarify my stance on high-repetition exercises. I don't recommend doing high reps of bodyweight exercises regularly. I believe this could lead to poor form and overuse injuries. The most push ups I do at one time in my training is 25. I increase the overall number by doing more sets. This is why I set (MRPS) Max Reps Per Set in Workout Without Weights for all bodyweight exercises.

And as you’ll soon see, splitting up your reps is the formula for reaching the 100 push ups straight mark.

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The first thing you need to do to reach 100 push ups straight, is to be able to do 100 push ups. Sounds cryptic, I know. But it will make sense in a second.

Ok, let’s say you can only do 1 push up with proper form. To do 100 push ups you would have to do 1 push up every 5 minutes for a little over 8 hours. So, wake up and do 1 push up every 5 minutes until you reach 100.

Now all you have to do is reduce the rest periods between push ups until there are no rest periods. Simple, right?

Here are some guidelines to work up to 100 push ups:

* 10 push ups every hour for 10 hours
* 20 push ups every hour for 5 hours

Still too long? I agree, who wants to be doing push ups all-day long.

How about…

o 5 push ups every minute for 20 minutes
o 10 push ups every minute for 10 minutes
o 20 push ups every minute for 5 minutes

Just crank out the needed amount of push ups, rest for the balance of the minute and continue until you reach 100.

Once you work up to striking distance, give 100 push ups a try!

You see, by breaking your push up sessions into sets, you can increase the overall number of push ups up to the famous 100 push up range. When you can perform 100 push ups over time, all you have to do is decrease the rest between set until you are doing 1 big set of 100 push ups.

I admit there is some magnetic attraction to being able to do 100 push ups. But I would argue you should increase the volume of overall push ups by doing more sets of a smaller number of repetitions.

For example:

o 5 sets of 25 repetitions = 125 overall reps
o 10 sets of 15 repetitions = 150 overall reps
o 20 sets of 10 repetitions = 200 overall reps

You get the idea.

The point is this. The push up is one of the most effective bodyweight exercises for upper body strength and endurance. It also strengthens the core muscles and uses EVERY muscle in the body for proper completion. It should be a part of EVERYONE’S overall physical training program.

And if you do work up to being able to do 100 push ups straight, you’ll join a small, exclusive group worthy of legend!

About the author

Coach Eddie Lomax is the Founder of the Optimum Fitness Network and best-selling author of various fitness eBooks. His bodyweight calisthenics eBook, Workout Without Weights has helped thousands reach their full fitness, fat loss and physique goals without costly equipment or expensive gym memberships.

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